Why in Rollingwithkritz?

Rollingwithkritz is a Travel and Lifestyle Blog where we believe that there should not be any last destination in the bucket list and one should keep the thirst for adventure alive. It provides a impartial perspective of one’s travel experience to any destination. It intends to provide the readers the value of a travel experience rather than the comfort of a travel.

Kind of articles:

1. Feature Articles:

Kind of articles that would inspire people to initiate , come of the comfort zone, explore, travel and learn a new place.
No of words: 400 to 1000 words.
Articles should be accompanied with relevant images (in original) with apt captions.
Reward: 25$ for a published article.

2. Image Article

We also welcome image only articles with good captions articulating a fabulous story to narrate.
The images should be the original creation of an author.
The images should be High res and should be send across via image transfer tools like wetransfer, dropbox etc.
Reward: 20$ for a published article.

3. Pitch

If you feel you can pitch for an article in our blog, please send in your pitch with the below mentioned:
a. Title of the article
b. Synopsis of the article in 60-80 words which would justify why the article is so relevant for the audience and how it would influence one’s life.

So do fill up the below form or send us an email with the above content in my email id: [email protected]


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