Top 10 most amazing points of interest to visit in Israel & Palestine: a road less travelled

Top 10 most amazing points of interest to visit in Israel & Palestine: a road less travelled

Holy land

Never waste time in making a right travel decision!

“What! …Are you sure about this?!… Be careful!” were a few of the reactions I got when I told people back home in India that I intended to make a short trip to Holy Land – Palestine while touring Israel.

On a pleasant December morning, I along with a few other people of different nationalities, set out towards Palestine. Levi, our guide till the border, declared that all this fear and anxiety about the Palestine situation was nothing but media exaggeration. This allayed any fears we might have had as we proceeded towards the holy land of Bethlehem in a bus.

Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus Christ,  is located in the West Bank of Palestine (about 10 km from Jerusalem). It is also known as ‘David City’ as it was the hometown of King David, the ruler of Israel.

With just few of us , we were still inquisitive about what will be our next surprise as inside all of us, there was still a fear that this is the same place which is always in the media for all wrong reasons-   the infamous West Bank“. 

But at the end of the day, we came back more informed & more matured .

Holy Land Tour !

So here are few of the experiences that i thought i would share with you which might be of your points of interest as well :

  1. The West bank barrier or simply known as “The wall separates Israel from Palestine in the west bank. we had to cross this wall to enter Palestine. Tourist going as a part of a guided tour don;t face any problem while crossing this wall . However the Jewish Israelis are not allowed to enter Palestine.
Holy land
West Bank Barrier also known as the wall separating Israel & Palestine

2. The Mosque of Omar-is the first monument you see when you enter Bethlehem, which was built in 1860 during the Jordanian rule of the city. The mosque was built next to the Church of Nativity . This was by far the greatest example of the peaceful coexistence of Christians and the Muslims in the city where they both offer olive oil to light up the surroundings of the Mosque.

Holy land
The Mosque of Omar, Bethlehem next to Greek Orthodox Church

3. The Church of Nativity-also known as the Greek Orthodox Church . Inside the Church of nativity (which is considered to be the oldest church in the world) , we can see the restoration still going on , also can see beautiful hanging lamps. This church was built by Constantine the great and his mother Helena in 339 AD. The present church is overseen by members of Greek Orthodox Church, Custody of the Holy land and the Armenian church.

Holy land
Main facade of the Church of Nativity- the entrance gate is just 1.2m in height
Inside the Church of Nativity

4. Below we can see the doors which are known as “Trapdoors” through which we can see the original mosaic floor of the Constantine’s basilica, the first church.

Mosaic floor of of the old church

5. The Church of nativity was built over a cave where Jesus Christ was born . In the below picture, we can see his birthplace .

The place where Jesus was born
Everybody has to bow in front of the God
Well inside the cave where the holy family was residing

6. The streets of Bethlehem looks as normal as any other tourist city

Bethlehem City street
Tour Vehicles approaching the wall – time for departure

7. Jerusalem  Panoramic view of the city which has mainly two parts- Old city and the new city. The old part also known as the City of David was built in 4th millennium BC.  the entire city buildings are made of Limestone which is also called Jerusalem stone.The 4 quarters still exist peacefully inside the old city- Jewish , Christians, Armenians & Muslims.

View of Jerusalem
Jewish quarters inside the Old city-People have been staying here for the last thousands of years in the same way
Jewish children playing “Rope game” inside the streets of Jewish quarters

8. “The Last Supper”– Below is the picture where we can see the place of the last supper where Jesus was believed to have his supper with his 12 disciples and announced that one of them would betray him.


Exact location inside the room where the last supper took place

9.  The Western Wall– a wall constructed as a part of the expansion of second Jewish temple in 19 BCE by Harod the great. This is located in the old city of Jerusalem.

Western Wall
The western wall -can see people leaning against the wall and praying

10. The Final Destination i.e. Temple Mount This place is considered Holiest for thousands of years by all the three faiths- Judaism, Christianity & Islams. According to Judaism, this is the place where God created the first human being.

Temple Mount- can see the western wall near to it
A view of Temple Mount from the highway
holy land
Exact location of the birth place of Adam- the first human according to Judaism

Although it was a very short trip, it’s experience will always remain in my heart . This was one of the most peaceful place among the places that i ‘d visited so far.

May be one day the whole world will realise that too.

In my next blog on this place, i would bring to you more information about the kind of stay, how to get there and so on and so forth about the Holy Land.

Holy Land - Israel & Palestine - Top 10 points of interest to explore!
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Holy Land - Israel & Palestine - Top 10 points of interest to explore!
Holy land - Israel & Palestine: both the destinations are less travelled among majority of the travellers due to negative media publicity

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