Which character will be the most popular for young fans of Adventure Time?

The Adventure Time character is probably the most recognizable, but which character will most people want to see on their television screens?

The answer is a very close race, according to the latest poll of fans, with two popular characters at the top of the list.

“I think Finn and Jake have really taken off in popularity,” said Jeff Burt, the creator of The AdventureTime Family and a longtime fan of the show.

“The first time I watched Adventure Time, I thought it was really fun and fun and funny.

But now I’m seeing it as a show that I want to watch, I want people to watch it and I want them to understand why I love it.”

The top five characters are Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Princess Lemonheart, and Princess Bubblece.

But which one would you prefer to see in your living room?

“If I’m going to watch Adventure Time and I’m a kid, I’m probably going to pick Finn because he’s a guy,” said Burt.

“When I was a kid I liked to draw, but I just kind of drifted off and started doing my own stuff.

I didn’t get the opportunity to do any cartoons because of that.”

While Finn is the most famous, his popularity is not limited to children.

“Jake, too, has really taken over the show, and it’s because of his personality,” said Brian DePalma, the executive producer of AdventureTime.

“He’s funny, he’s charming, he makes you laugh.

But he also has a deep and abiding sense of responsibility, so I think that’s probably what sets him apart from everyone else.”

Of the five main characters, Finn is arguably the most iconic.

“This is a show I grew up watching, and I just can’t imagine myself not watching Adventure Time,” said the creator.

“There’s just something so wonderful about it.”

Jake is the only character whose popularity can be attributed to a character from the show’s universe.

“It’s a lot easier to draw Jake if you’re a kid and you have a good sense of humor,” said DePalmma.

“But Finn is a really funny guy, and so is Princess Bubblegy, so he’s really popular, and you just sort of need a little more time to get to know him.

I think Jake is the one who’s been the most important character in my life.

I don’t think it’s just him.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month, creator Pendleton Ward expressed concern that the show is “getting away from its roots.”

“It really has taken a long time to bring this to life, and the first few seasons it wasn’t easy, but as we’ve progressed and as we have done more and more, I think it has become much easier,” Ward said.

“As the show has gotten bigger, it’s gotten more and bigger and we’ve had the opportunity, I feel, to really make this show as special and as unique and as much fun as we can.”

In the wake of Finn and the other characters being added to the show in the fourth season, the showrunner has made some big changes to the main cast.

“We’ve gotten a lot more complicated,” said Ward.

“With Finn, I’ve made it a point to have his mom and dad on set.

I’ve had to change a lot of the characters because I want the audience to feel like this is their own world.”

The other big change is that Princess Bubble is now the sole female character.

“Now, you’ve got to have her on set, but it’s fun,” said Cogswell.

“You’re not just seeing her for the first time, you’re seeing her in a whole new light.

It’s fun.”

While there is no set number of episodes that Princess will be on, Burt told The Hollywood Reactor that there are plans for a lot longer episodes.

“At this point, there are four to five more episodes to go,” he said.

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