How to Find Your Best Adventure at Disneyland!

This is a guest post by Michael, a retired Disneyland park worker, and one of our friends from the park’s “Disneyland Tour”.

Michael is an avid Disney World fan, having spent more than 20 years in the park, and has been visiting the park since 1998.

His favorite Disneyland vacation is Disneyland Paris, and he has a fondness for the “Big Thunder Ranch” attraction, where he can ride a roller coaster and play in a miniature version of the Thunderbird ride.

This is the second installment of our Disneyland Travel Guide series.

Michael has also visited Disneyland Shanghai and Disneyland Tokyo, and loves visiting Disneyland Paris.

We talked to Michael about his favorite Disney World vacation experiences, his favorite attractions at Disney World, and what you should do to get a great vacation at Disney.

Happy Travels!

What are your favorite Disney theme parks?

I love Disneyland Paris and Shanghai.

I love going to Disneyland Shanghai because it is very different from the parks I have been to before, so it is not so much the theme parks as it is the people.

There are so many different cultures, and it is a very different atmosphere from Disneyland Paris in France.

In Shanghai, the people are really nice, but the parks are so crowded and there are so much of them.

I like Disney Springs in Orlando because it’s very different than Disneyland Paris or Shanghai.

In Orlando, I feel like the park is so small and there is so much to see and explore, so I like to explore.

Are you a Disney World Insider?


It is not like I am one of those Disney World fans who have been around the parks for so long.

I grew up in California and went to Disney World when I was 8 years old.

I have a Disneyland Tour membership and have spent about 20 years there, and I have seen it every single time.

When I was a kid, I loved going to Disney California Adventure.

It was like the Disney version of Disneyland.

I saw all of the rides, the theme park and all of that.

Now, I would like to see Disney World a little bit more and visit Disneyland Paris a little more.

Do you go to Disneyland Paris every year?

I think I have.

I go every year to Disneyland California Adventure and I see all of it.

I would love to see it more.

Are there any favorite attractions in Disney World that you haven’t seen yet?

Yes, there are a lot of things I would really like to visit, and Disney World is not just for kids anymore.

I want to see everything.

I think we have a lot to see, and there really are a few things that are missing from the Magic Kingdom.

I do not know if they are missing the park.

I am sure they are working on something to fill those holes, but I think it would be a lot better to see the parks in person.

How many hours per week do you spend at Disneyland?

I spend about two hours at Disneyland each week, so that is pretty much all I do.

How much do you make at the park?

My salary is about $20,000 a year, so if I am making $50,000, I make about $10,000.

What is your dream vacation?

Disneyland Paris I would have a dream vacation that would last me for a few years, and that would be Disneyland Paris because I would go on a cruise there.

I feel very comfortable there and I think Disney World would be just wonderful for me to have there.

Is there anything you want to tell us about Disneyland Paris?

I have just been there, so the park has changed quite a bit since I was there.

The park is a little smaller, but there are still some old attractions and new attractions.

It feels very modern, but it is still a little small compared to some of the parks.

What do you think of Disneyland Paris right now?

I am really looking forward to going to Paris.

I don’t know if there is going to be anything new for me, but my favorite part of the park for me is just walking around and having a good time.

The food is amazing.

You can find so many amazing things, and the people there are very friendly.

They have such a diverse set of cultures.

What would you like to know about Disneyland Shanghai?

I would be interested in seeing what is happening with Shanghai, especially because it has such a new and different look.

They are making a lot more changes in Shanghai.

Shanghai is not the same park it used to be, but you can still go see the old attractions.

I really love the Disneyland Shanghai.

If I was in Shanghai now, I wouldn’t go because I wouldn and I would probably just want to go and take a picture.

What are you looking forward for in 2017?

I’m looking forward with my family and I am looking forward on Disneyland’s new attractions and I hope they open in December or January.

I will be back in early January and I will try to visit the new

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