Disney’s California Adventure: Disney’s latest adventure with a bit of history

The Disney theme parks empire is making a splash this year with its new California Adventure.

And, while many of the rides and attractions will be old school, the ride will feature a lot of new things.

The most notable of which is the introduction of a new version of the famed “Hobbit’s Cave,” which has been replaced by a more modern version of an old Disney attraction.

“We’ve been making this leap for over a year now,” said Mike Williams, Disney California Adventure general manager, “so we’re just now starting to put it together.”

The cave was originally built in 1937 by animator Frank Frazetta, who created the classic The Wizard of Oz and the characters of The Wicked and The Divine.

While it hasn’t been re-created for the park, it has been reinterpreted for Cal Adventure.

“The original version of that cave is actually an old movie, it’s called The Great Adventure, and it was actually used in that movie,” Williams said.

“So we’re bringing it back.

It’s really a great piece of art.”

The original version was not designed to be a cave.

It was a series of caves filled with treasure that were meant to hold an enchanted apple, and were built to look like the entrance to the Forbidden Woods.

As such, it was created to be one of the most exciting places on Earth, with hundreds of treasures hidden in the caverns.

The cave is filled with treasures and also features a secret entrance that will open only to guests who can successfully defeat the Wicked Witch of the West.

Williams said that if you’re an experienced adventurer like himself, you can make it past the entrance and take a ride on the cave.

“It’s going to be like an old-fashioned Disney experience,” he said.

That adventure will take guests through the tunnels of a goblin’s lair and onto the surface of the earth.

“There are so many things to discover,” Williams added.

“You’ll be exploring a world that is really full of adventure, where there are tons of hidden treasures and secrets.

It really is a unique experience.”

While the new version will feature all of the familiar features of the original, it will also have some new additions.

“One of the things we’re going to try to do is make sure that the ride is fun and engaging, and there will be a lot more fun and engagement in it,” Williams explained.

“I think it’s going, and that’s really the promise.”

The attraction will include more than two dozen attractions, including rides, rideshows, a mini golf course, and an indoor roller coaster.

The rides will also feature some brand new ones, like a “hobbit” cave that will allow you to explore and interact with a real-life hobbit.

Williams explained that the cave will be themed in part by “The Hobbit” trilogy, where hobbits, elves and dwarves have all been part of the adventure.

“For some of the attractions, we’ll be trying to make it like that, but also have it be a little bit more playful,” he added.

The new “hobo” cave will also be filled with other surprises.

“A lot of the fun is in finding hidden treasures,” Williams shared.

“When you get to the cave, there’s an enormous treasure chest on the floor that’s about the size of a soccer ball, and you can take that chest and open up a portal to an underwater cave, which has a treasure chest inside.”

Williams said he’s looking forward to exploring the cave to find more hidden treasures.

“People are going to think, ‘Oh, this is going to make a great adventure, this would be really fun,’ and we’ve got some really great things planned,” he continued.

“But it’s also going to put a little spin on it.”

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