How to make a book that has a big impact in the community

Portland, Ore.

— As I write this, a group of kids are standing outside the door of their favorite local book store.

They’ve made a big impression with their new book: The Adventures Near Me, a travel book that was written by the people who live in the Portland neighborhood where I live.

Their new book has been downloaded over a million times.

“I want to do something with the book,” said Brandon, who lives in the neighborhood.

Brandon’s mother, Kimberly, is the author of the book.

“And I’m really excited to be doing something with it.

It’s something I love doing, and it’s something that’s been very good for our community,” Kimberly said.

The book was first published in 2015 by the nonprofit organization Friends Book, and is a collaboration between Friends Book and the nonprofit Portland Friends Book Project.

The Portland Friends is a network of local bookstores and other local booksellers that support local literacy and book conservation.

They started by offering a bookshop in Portland, Oregon, in 2014, and expanded to include other small bookstores across the country, including Seattle, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Portland.

The project’s website has an interactive map of all of the local book shops, and Kimberly and Brandon are the co-authors of the map.

The map shows where the bookstores are in Portland.

Kimberly said the Portland Friends Project has partnered with Portland Public Library to digitize the map, and to distribute the map to community groups.

“This map will allow us to give people the information they need to make their own decisions about where to go, how to get there, and the places that they want to visit,” Kimberly explained.

The new book also gives a great story behind the book and provides some practical tips for people in the city to help them make a good book-buying decision.

The first part of the story is the book’s introduction: “This book is not about a single person or place, but a collection of stories of people all around the world who have experienced the same thing.

And it is a book of experiences that can help you to make the right choice.

I’m Brandon, a kid from Portland, Maine, who came to Portland from the Bay Area.

I grew up in the Bay area, and I went to Portland to attend high school.

I went on to graduate from Portland State University with a degree in English and have lived in Portland ever since.”

Brandon said that the book was inspired by the life of the people he met through his travels.

“We went to the Amazon Islands, the Amazon River Valley, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and other places,” Brandon said.

“It’s a collection that’s about all of those places.

There’s a story behind it, and we just wanted to do a book with that.”

Kimberly said Brandon and Kimberly went to great lengths to make sure that the information in the book is accurate and complete.

Brandon said he is grateful to Friends Book for making the book available.

“The people who put their time and their energy into this project have made it a true success, and they are amazing people who are making a great book,” Kimberly noted.

Brandon hopes the book will serve as a guide for people interested in becoming more literate.

“When I started writing this book, I had never had the experience of learning how to read and write in the context of a community book store,” Brandon explained.

“So I really thought I needed to write a book to share with the people of Portland that it’s really possible to have a big influence on the world around you.”

Brandon and Brandon hope the book, which they hope to sell online and in bookstores around the country over the next few years, will inspire others to do the same.

“To see people make a real difference in the world is pretty amazing,” Brandon shared.

“They’re making it easier to learn and make things happen.

They’re making things happen that they wouldn’t otherwise have.”

For more information about the Portland Friendship Book Project, visit the organization’s website at

“My favorite thing about this book is that it speaks to a lot of the stuff that we are talking about with kids, about learning and literacy and learning from books,” Kimberly shared.

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