California Adventure Time returns with an exciting new twist on the adventures

This summer, the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time will return with a new twist.

Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season is being released on October 18.

The series, which started airing on Cartoon Network in 2013, has featured many of the same heroes and villains from the show’s first three seasons, but with a completely different take on the world.

While most Adventure Time characters still appear in the show, the series’ new version of the world has also included a new character, the eponymous “Daring Dapper.”

The new series features a new hero, the Daring Dappy, who appears as the newest member of the team.

The Daring’s original role is as the leader of the Ice Queen’s Secret Gang, and his role is to protect the kingdom from a new threat.

“Adventure Time has always been about having fun,” Adventure Time co-creator and creator Pendleton Ward said in a statement.

“We wanted to bring the humor, adventure and action of Adventure Time to the world with this new series.

We are really excited about this new direction for the show.”

While Adventure Time fans have already seen the Dashing Dapper from the series, Ward said he is very excited to see him back in the spotlight.

“I think the fans will like him a lot,” Ward said.

“He’s a good friend of the Dapper, and he’s always helping her out.

He’s just such a good guy.”

Daring, who first appeared in the season one episode, has been working to save the kingdom.

The Ice Queen, who is known as the Ice Princess, has made sure that the Darkside of the kingdom has the best of intentions.

She even has a few new enemies to fight.

The newest member, the Ice King, is trying to destroy Daring.

In addition to Daring, Ward teased that a new villain may also make his debut in this new installment.

“A new villain might be joining the show,” Ward teased.

“There’s a new enemy who is a really bad guy, but I don’t want to give too much away about him, but he’s the Ice Lord.

He is one of the villains we’ve been teasing in the past.”

Adventure Time: Season 3 airs on Mondays at 10:30 p.m.

ET on Cartoon Networks.

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