The next frontier: the world’s first autonomous plane

The world’s biggest startup is going to create the worlds first self-flying, commercial airplane that flies itself.

It’s called Skye and the company is based in Australia.

Skye’s first test flight was on July 12, but the company plans to fly a full-scale flight later this year.

The company plans a “commercial aircraft” that will have “two propellers in the wings, two wings, a nose, two vertical stabilizers, a rudder and a gimbaled landing gear.”

The company also plans to offer a “small aircraft” for commercial flights.

Skyes first commercial flight will be on July 19, according to Skye.

Skyea is a partnership between Boeing and Australian start-up company AeroVironment.

Boeing has been testing its new Boeing 737 MAX and is hoping to put its 737 MAX in service by 2020.

AeroVirings is a US company that focuses on commercial aircraft, but it has also been testing a number of its own aircraft.

Skyelink, a start-ups aviation start-off, is based out of Melbourne, Australia.

The team has previously tested an Airbus A320-200 aircraft in Europe, and it plans to put that plane into service sometime in 2020.

Skyaest, an Australian start up, is also based in Melbourne, but is aiming to put an aircraft in service in 2021.

The Skye plane is not going to be the only aircraft that Skye will be flying, though.

Skyeas own plane, which is a Boeing 737 Max X, will also be used to fly Skye flights.

The next step for Skye is to find the best technology to help make the aircraft fly.

Skyee has been working on its autopilot technology since the start of 2017.

Skyele is a start up focused on building small aircraft.

It recently released its first flight model of its small plane.

It plans to go into commercial service sometime around 2021, according a Skye spokesperson.

Skyef is a new start-Up focused on using drones for flight.

Skyeyef is working on drones and is looking to start flying its first aircraft sometime around 2020.

The drones, dubbed “Raptor,” will use technology from the likes of SpaceX, Boeing and other start-Ups.

The Raptor’s design is designed to have the pilot control the drone by controlling the stick on the joystick, but Skye has also shown that it can control the drones by steering by using its hands.

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