Disney has unveiled a new interactive cruise in Sydney – Disney Vacation Club

The world’s biggest theme park has unveiled its latest interactive cruise to Sydney’s Disneyland.

The theme park, which will offer up to four nights of rides and activities including a water ride, a cruise, and a water taxi, said it was opening a new attraction at the new Sydney Harbour Waterpark next month.

The attraction is being billed as Disney Vacations Australia’s first theme park ride and the first attraction at Sydney Harbour’s Waterpark.

The waterpark ride features two water rides in each direction, a water trolley ride and a tramway.

The Waterpark, which opened in March, is scheduled to open at the end of 2019.

Disney Vacations’ new Sydney River attraction is a unique combination of water rides, water taxi rides, and water rides and water taxis.

It will also feature water play and water swimming for the first time, with the Waterpark being the first to offer it.

The resort’s CEO Steve Baskin said the ride would offer an opportunity for families and families with children to have fun and explore the world’s most famous attractions.

“We’re excited to bring this attraction to Sydney, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with all the attractions you love,” Mr Baskins said.

“Disney Vacation Australia is a family-friendly, family-driven resort that will provide guests with all of the entertainment and activities they need while visiting Sydney Harbour.”

Our goal is to make the Sydney Harbour experience more fun and more enjoyable for everyone.

“A water ride is an interactive ride in a water park.

The tramway ride is a water transport experience in the water.

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