Trump supporters take the ‘rude’ photo of an activist with a sign of a Trump supporter

A man has been caught on video walking in front of a woman and holding up a sign that says “Rude Trump supporters.”

The man in question was reportedly part of a group of Trump supporters at a Trump rally in Florida.

A Trump supporter who witnessed the altercation posted a video of the incident on Facebook, saying that the man in the video “took advantage of the situation.”

The video has been viewed more than 10,000 times and garnered over 5,000 comments since it was posted on Sunday.

“The people who came to our rally were very hostile, they were very rude,” the man said.

“We’re here to celebrate the President-elect’s victory and the victory of our country.

This is a very hostile environment.”

Trump supporter accused of assaulting woman at rally (VIDEOS) Trump supporter Jason Schaffer said that he and several other men who witnessed what happened on Sunday were “shocked and appalled.”

He said that when the man with the sign approached the woman, the other Trump supporters “went completely off the deep end and began yelling racial slurs at her.”

“The man with a Trump sign was wearing a mask, he was wearing sunglasses, he had a Trump flag on his lapel, and he was pointing the gun at the woman,” Schaffer told The Hill.

“This is a woman who is a political activist, she’s trying to speak out against the hatred that Trump supporters have.”

The woman who was attacked said that the incident had left her “extremely traumatized.”

The Associated Press reported that Trump’s campaign released a statement on the incident, saying, “This individual has since been removed from the Trump rally.”

“This man was clearly wearing a Trump hat and mask, which is against our policies and campaign,” Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller told The AP.

“He had his gun drawn and was pointing his gun at a woman that was standing directly in front for him to make sure that he was on top of her and he could see what was going on.”

The statement added that the Trump campaign had been in touch with the woman who had been assaulted.

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