What’s new for all cyclists in 2019?

As part of the 2018 Autumn and Winter Cycling Campaign, we’re launching a new section to highlight some of the biggest changes to cycling in 2019. 

With the Autumn and Spring Cycling Campaign set to begin on Monday the 25th of October, this section highlights the major changes to road cycling in the UK and offers you the chance to get a look at the latest developments in this exciting and exciting sector. 

What are the big changes in 2019 for road cycling?

Road cycling in Britain is set to undergo significant changes as part of a major government plan to boost the number of people on the roads. 

A major programme of funding to develop new roads and new infrastructure has been announced by the government. 

The National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS) will see the Government allocate £10 billion over the next decade to develop more than 50 new road projects. 

Over the next five years, £8 billion will be spent on the next phase of this funding. 

We’ll be announcing the funding for all these projects, including the next major phase of the National Road Project in 2019, but we’re going to make sure that we’re looking at the most promising of the projects, which we hope will be announced at the Autumn Cycling Campaign. 

As part of this, the Government will be investing over £2 billion in the first phase of Road Vision, a new system that will allow for cyclists to better identify road hazards and speed limits. 

This new system will also see more cyclists using the cycle lane system, so that cyclists can share the road and share the benefits of the cycle network. 

But there’s also the opportunity to improve road safety and safety on the road itself. 

New cycle infrastructure In the coming months, the government is also committed to investing over another £2.8 billion in cycle infrastructure, including new cycle lanes, wider cycle routes, and wider bike parking. 

So far, the new cycle infrastructure has received significant support from the Government, with more than £2bn already pledged. 

However, with the budget now in place, the plans to invest in cycling infrastructure is now under way. 

In addition to the funding to improve cycling infrastructure, the £2-billion Cycling Infrastructure Fund is also being announced to help to make cycling more accessible and affordable. 

It will help to build on the £3.5 billion investment in the Cycle Network Fund, which will fund new cycle routes across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

All of this will help the Government to improve the safety and the wellbeing of all road users, from cyclists to pedestrians and drivers. 

There’s also an ambitious programme to improve pedestrian safety, with £2 million being committed to making improvements to pedestrian crossing areas and pedestrian crossings. 

Finally, a £500 million Cycling and Cycling Infrastructure Grant will fund £2m to upgrade and improve cycle infrastructure across England and Scotland, with an additional £300 million earmarked for improving cycle routes and crossings.

We’re keen to see the government continue its support for cycling and improve safety across the country, and will be looking forward to the Autumn Campaign and its launch in 2019 to discuss the future of cycling. 

If you’re a member of the public and want to share your thoughts on the issues that you’re most passionate about, then please do get in touch with the Autumn Cyclists Campaign via email or by clicking here to send a message. 

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