How Disney bought the world’s most successful animated series, Pixar, and how they’re reaping huge profits for themselves

On Thursday, Disney bought Pixar, a major studio that produces some of the world, most of the time, the most popular animated series.

The news was greeted with excitement by Pixar fans, who were excited by the news, even as they were hoping it wouldn’t be Disney.

And some were downright upset.

Here’s how things went down on Twitter.

Disney buys Pixar, it’s not just a Disney brand but it has a deep history with Pixar, the company’s first animated film.

It has a long, rich history with Disney.

I feel like we’re being sold a bill of goods by Disney that we’re not getting.

A lot of people, especially Pixar fans who grew up watching Pixar movies, have been excited about the acquisition, but a lot of them are angry that it came as a surprise to them.

Here are some of their tweets: #Pixar is Disney’s #1 animated franchise and #1 studio.

They’ve had a history of being Disney loyal and doing the right thing.

They have been a major Disney shareholder for years and they’ve got the money to do it, which makes them a great company to go after.

The problem is that they bought it as a result of the recent news about the financials.

I’m a Pixar fan and I was really sad to hear about the purchase.

It was the right choice for Disney to make.

The reason they didn’t do this sooner is because they have a great history with the company and have been the best at what they do.

But now they’ve decided that they want to cash in and sell Pixar to Disney, a company that has a lot more money and a lot less loyalty to them than they have to them, as the company they’re acquiring.

But I think it was the wrong decision.

There are a lot to be said for that.

I mean, if they were willing to spend a lot on this company, that could have been an excellent move.

The first thing you need to know about Disney is that it’s the world leader in its own right, with franchises ranging from the biggest to the smallest.

They own all the biggest movie studios in the world.

They also own Pixar.

The company also owns a number of other successful companies.

It owns the world-famous Disneyland Resort, which has become an institution in the hearts of so many people in the United States.

They are the home of Walt Disney Animation Studios, the Walt Disney Studios Tour, Walt Disney Imagineering, and Disney Parks and Resorts.

They’re also home to Walt Disney Productions, which produces several of the biggest movies and TV shows on the planet.

They recently acquired Marvel, which is a massive and important part of Disney’s film and TV business.

And they’re also a major player in the animated film industry.

Disney is one of the largest film studios in America and they own a very large portion of the entire animation world.

There’s a reason why Pixar was so successful and why they’ve become a major part of Hollywood.

Disney bought it because they had a strong desire to do something big with the business.

They had to do this.

It wasn’t an accident.

Disney wanted to get in front of the animation community and get into the business of making animated movies, and that’s a great thing.

But it was a mistake to do that.

They were buying Pixar in the hopes of turning the Pixar brand into a Disney business.

Disney did a lot wrong.

The purchase of Pixar is a disaster for everyone involved.

It will not only hurt the animation industry, it will hurt the filmmakers that work there, and the animators and the staff that have been doing the best work on the movies.

And it will probably hurt the entire community that Pixar is helping create.

Pixar is not just an animated series about the heroes of Pixar’s world.

It’s also about the world that they create.

It doesn’t just have the best and brightest minds and best artists, it also has the best producers and the best writers and the smartest minds.

I know that some people will say that’s just an afterthought, but it’s a critical part of what Pixar is all about.

That’s why Pixar has become a critical and enduring part of the Disney brand.

And as Pixar fans and as Pixar investors, we’ve got to be ready to defend them.

I can’t stress enough that I’m extremely proud to be associated with Pixar.

I’ve been a part of Pixar for years, but I’ve always been a Pixar investor.

I love working with the creative team, the team that creates the movies, the writers, and especially the animator, and I think they have done a great job.

But if you’re looking for the big picture, Pixar is just one of many things that Disney owns and they are one of only a few companies in the business that can do the big and bold things that they’re doing, and Pixar has a history that goes back a long

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