GOP senators say Trump ‘must step aside’ over Charlottesville comments

After Donald Trump tweeted Saturday that he “cannot allow the white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups to continue to incite violence in our country,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Saturday that the President’s comments have no place in the Senate and called for him to step aside.

“I urge him to take this step immediately and to take it with the full force of the law,” McConnell said in a statement.

“As the leader of the Senate, I am calling on him to immediately step aside.”

Sen. John Barrasso (R.-Wyo.) told reporters Saturday that Trump must resign over the weekend.

“We cannot continue to have the President of the United States of America speaking about our country, our history and our culture, when he is not willing to step down and disavow his racist and racist rhetoric and actions,” Barrasso said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Barrasso added that Trump’s comments were “unacceptable.”

McConnell also urged Trump to withdraw from the presidential race.

“The American people deserve to know what the President thinks about them, and they deserve to be able to see him in person, because that’s what democracy is all about,” McConnell added.

McConnell has been critical of Trump since the president said Saturday he didn’t know what he meant by saying that he was “not going to call them ‘very fine people.'”

McConnell said he would call Trump “any time” and called on him “to do the right thing.”

“If he does not, I’ll be the first to call him,” McConnell told reporters on Capitol Hill.

McBarrasser said the president’s comments about the violence at the Charlottesville protest were “an insult to all of the people who have suffered, all of those who have lost loved ones, and all of our veterans.”

Barrassman said the President “is making a mockery of our military.”

“I’m a proud and patriotic American.

I’m proud of my country.

But I can’t let him continue to do that and make this a bigger and bigger problem for the American people,” Barrashos statement read.

McKesson, who has called for the impeachment of Trump, said he was deeply concerned by the White House’s response to the Charlottesville protests and called Trump’s words “disgusting and abhorrent.”

“We must stand united as Americans to reject hatred, bigotry and racism, and work to dismantle white supremacy,” McKesson said in the statement.

McMcKell, a Democrat, said Saturday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the “president has to step away from this race, and that is not something that can be done by a Twitter post.”

He has to take responsibility, and I think he should, and do it in a way that is appropriate and in a context that is reflective of the seriousness of the problem,” he said.

McDermott, the former Democratic Senate leader, also called for Trump to step back from the race.

McDonough, a former Democratic presidential candidate, also said the Whitehouse’s comments “are not acceptable.””

McDonogh also called on Trump to resign.””

He must step aside immediately.”

McDonogh also called on Trump to resign.

“Trump must step down immediately, and he must not be allowed to use his bully pulpit to further divide us from our friends and allies,” McDermott said in his statement.

“This is an attack on all Americans, on all of us, including the most vulnerable Americans who are already feeling the pain of this violence.”

McDowd, a Republican, said in her statement that Trump “has let white supremacy, bigotry, hate and fear dictate who he can speak to and who he cannot.”

“This kind of toxic rhetoric, while unacceptable, must stop,” she said.

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