How a teen was killed in an overnight shootout with a police officer in Jacksonville

The story of how a teen boy was shot and killed by police while on the run from a violent crime scene has drawn national attention, and sparked a national conversation about the use of deadly force by law enforcement.

On Wednesday, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement released dashcam video of the July 7, 2017, shooting of 17-year-old Andrew Dominguez.

The footage shows a car pulled up alongside the teenager’s pickup truck and then the driver of the vehicle, an off-duty Jackson County Sheriff’s deputy, pulls out a gun and fires two shots, killing the teen.

The video shows Domingez lying on the ground as the officer and a deputy sit in the truck.

The car was in the area where the teen was shot, and the car was stopped at the intersection of Pine and Highway 17.

The sheriff’s office said the teenager was wearing a white shirt and jeans and was carrying a backpack.

It’s not clear why the teenager, who had a history of mental health issues, was wearing the backpack.

The Jackson County sheriff’s department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The footage shows the deputy on his way to an officer’s station at the police department after being called to a report of a vehicle in an area where children were playing, a witness told local media outlets.

The officer arrived to find the vehicle parked and the windows broken.

The witness said the teen had been sitting in the back seat.

As the deputy approached, the video shows the teenager reaching into his backpack and pulling out what appears to be a handgun.

He pointed the gun at the deputy.

The officer fired two shots at the teenager.

The video shows a third shot fired in the direction of the officer, who was struck by the gunfire.

The teenager was hit several times, and died at the scene.

A witness told WJAX that he heard a gunshot and saw the deputy’s gun fall to the ground.

He said the officer said, “Put it down, put it down.”

The Jackson Times reported that the deputy was wearing an unmarked, plain-clothes uniform, and that the officer did not identify himself.

The deputy’s identity was not released by the department.

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